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What Your Chiropractor Knows About Back Pain And Will Never Reveals To You?

Back Pain Relief Information - back pain remedy

What Your Chiropractor Knows About Back Pain And Will Never Reveals To You?
By Roy Chan
Considering the fact that the majority or between 70 and 90 percent of the population will experience some sort of at one time or another, knowledge about relief is certainly welcome, appreciated and a popular topic. One of the best ways to begin learning about relief is by understanding the basics of back pain: what causes it, how it's diagnosed, what treatments are available, how to manage the pain, etc. This article will cover the bases for you.


Let's begin by learning some facts in order to separate truth from myth with regards to back pain. First of all, under one percent of acute lower is the result of a serious infection or condition like cancer or a spinal injury. For those under 50, the rate is even lower.

Back pain is the number one disability for those under age 45. And it runs second, after the common cold, as the top reason for visiting a healthcare provider in the United States.

“There is nothing really wrong with you.” Myth! Chronic pain sufferers report that doctors generally tell this to about 90 percent of them and it is incorrect. In reality, the majority of low cases or some 90 percent generally come from an unknown cause, like an infection or a particular injury. And the duration of the pain runs generally from four to six weeks.

“People don't die from chronic back pain.” Wrong! The pain combined with depression and anxiety in

long-term cases places sufferers at risk for suicide, which does happen from time to time.

“Most requires surgery.” Myth! On the contrary, under two percent of patients with need surgery. However, is the third top reason for surgery.

“Only a small percentage of workers suffer on the job.” Wrong! The top occupational hazard in the USA is back pain.

“Lie down and rest for back pain.” Au contraire. Contrary to popular believe, bed rest can hinder recovery. Health care providers recommend remaining active to decrease down time for patients.

“Men suffer more than women.” Not! With regards to gender issues and back pain, it is a myth that men suffer more than women. In reality, the only main difference is with secondary pain to disk disorders during middle age. However, with regards to race, low is reported more frequently among Caucasians than other races including African Americans.

“If a patient's pain description lacks a regular, consistent pattern, it's probably imagined or exaggerated.” Myth! No two people, no two cases are totally 100 percent identical. Activities, events, pain and people themselves vary from day to day and there is no 100 percent correct way to describe pain in words to fit a perfectly accurate diagnosis.

If you want to learn the truth about back pain, please go here:
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